'The Walking Dead' Renewed for Eighth Season Ahead of Its Season Seven Premiere

Fans of The Walking Dead have a lot to look forward to. Not only will they find out who finally gets the worst of it from Negan and “Lucile” (his barb-wired bat) in the seventh season premiere, but announcement just came that the popular zombie series will also have a season eight. The reveal happens just a week before the new set of episodes air and comes as to no surprise given the popularity of the show. But it’s good news regardless, as it has become tradition in the Halloween month for the program to air alongside the live follow up, The Talking Dead.

With that said, fans will surely be coming up with new theories as to where the show might be heading for season eight, which will also start off with the series’ 100th episode — will it still loosely follow the comic books or will it completely divert from the original storyline in hopes of making the narrative more compelling for the viewers.

Sound off in the comment with any theories you may have for the seasons ahead.