Eddie Griffin Shares Personal Experiences with Racism In Hollywood

For nearly four years, four seasons and 89 episodes, television viewers all over America tuned in to Malcolm & Eddie on United Paramount Network (UPN). Eddie Griffin and Malcolm-Jamal Warner became apart of the raving lineup of comics watched on a nightly basis in the 90's. "When we all came out - this goes from Martin's show to me and Malcolm's show to Jamie Foxx's show - they put us on these new networks. Remember they had UPN? I used to called it 'U Pick a N***a,'" Eddie Griffin recalled during his conversation with DJ Vlad. "Every Black show creates this network. Once this motherf***ker is built on our backs, they sell the motherf***ker. Where's UPN at? Alright."

Over the course of their talk Griffin also described what it was like to work with the writers on the show whilst admitting to being a part of the process. "The show was about two young, Black, talented individuals and we owned our own bar and s**t like that. We had two Black writers. One was my cousin Moe," said Griffin. The rest of Malcolm & Eddie's writing team? "12 White writers that have no motherf**king idea what it is to be a young, Black male," he added.