The Walking Dead’s network, AMC Networks is now hiring.

The Walking Dead has changed and evolved over the past six years. The apocalyptic horror drama TV series was developed by Frank Darabont and is based on the comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The Walking Dead centers around Andrew Lincoln who plays sheriff deputy Rick Grimes who awakens from a coma to find a apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He then sets out to find his family and encounters the survivors along the way.

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Do you want to work for the most watched show on television? How about the network that airs episodes of the world famous zombie drama? Well, we have good news for you. AMC Networks is now hiring a ton of jobs across the country.

To apply for a job on AMC Networks, click here.

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