The Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now During Those Long Work Hours

Commuting and working can be a bummer. Staring at the clock as it counts down to 5 o’clock can make time drag at an even slower, more snail-like pace than usual. One of the few ways commuters and workers can escape the recursive loop of counting down the minutes until clocking out is through your headphones. While terrestrial radio has had its fair share of trouble captivating listeners, the Internet has provided a perfect platform for talk radio to live on in the form of podcasts. While This American Life’s Serial is certainly one of the form’s most popular representatives, there are plenty of podcasts about “The Culture” that can help bring listeners up to speed while killing some of those dreary work hours. Some are informative, some are hilarious. Most of them are both. Here are just a few of HYPEBEAST’s favorites. Press play and enjoy.

Chillin Island

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