POLLS: Who Will Be Revealed as Negan's Victim on the Season 7 Premiere of 'The Walking Dead'?

With only one short month left before the 7th season of AMC’s zombie walker thriller The Walking Dead returns, it’s been almost half a year since the Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth” left us hanging. What might possibly be the most talked-about TV cliffhanger since Dallas’s “Who shot JR?” has left fans wondering “Who does Negan kill?” One of the biggest reasons why viewers still tune in to the show today could be the fact that not one single character is safe, and it feeds on the majority of its viewers’ love of gross and surprising deaths. Though it’s not an easy feat, TWD still remains on top of its game when it comes to shocking deaths as we will soon find out.

Over the past six years of The Walking Dead, fans have encountered not just the grossest or the most heartbreaking deaths, they have experienced the most shocking, completely out of left field ones even for fans that obsess over the graphic novels and for those who are TV purists alone. As we move closer to the Sunday, October 23 premiere and Negan’s victim/victims are finally revealed, many theories have been floating about on who will ultimately win the intimate meeting with Negan’s spiked bat Lucille. Let’s take a look at the 11 characters waiting in line for one brutal game of “eenie, meenie, miney, mo” that they, and the fans, will never forget. Comparing the graphic novels with the TV series, let’s see how they fair.


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