A Dallas Restaurant Dry Aged Its Steak for a Ridiculous 420 Days

Dry aged steaks are done so to extract the most texture, smell, taste and overall experience from the meat, but when is too long and too much? “Professional Carnivore” and editor at Eater Nick Solares set to find out. John Tesar’s in Dallas, Texas was up for the challenge when it presented Nick with a range of dry aged steaks, spanning from an already-double-the-standard amount of 45 days to a mind-boggling and purely experimental 420 days–a dry aging process that, in comparison, rivals the aging length of certain exotic cheeses.

Watch as Nick enjoys the “younger” steaks and differentiates between them before arriving at the “funky” 420-day old cut, to which his concerns become realized. Check out the video above and watch Solares’ previous video where he tries a 400-day-old steak that costs more than $1,000 USD.