Underground Fashion

    Have you ever met somebody who has the ability to be a new trend setter . They dress really well but they're just not know for it ? Well today we are going to adress that and pick one person who we think is underground and put them in the spotlight so to say, whether it be a celebrity or someone we know personally!

    To some he's Lord Disick , To others he's Scott Disick Known for being Kourtney Kardashian's Long time lover, father of four and Reality tv star on KUWTK. Scott to me dresses with class, He's Always got his hair well groomed, his accessories on point and seems to have an outfit that fits perfectly for every occasion . 

   In the picture above Scott seen  with  his oldest little Mason! You can see that he also dresses Mason with class , Hes such a little cutie . I wanted to point out that He's Wearing an all black tuxedo with a button up ,black glasses and hair slicked back . He's stated in the past that he likes to take ideas from Christian Bale the lead in the horror thriller American Psycho. 

  The second picture is of Scott stepping out in Ami Shearling bomber jacket -Rails flannel shirt -yves saint Laurent Chelsea boots . He also has his hair slicked back  with a sleek pompador cut. 

The third picture is of a Rolex , Scott usually wears this particular watch when hes trying to dress casual for a business meeting . If hes feeling like he wants to be more flashy he wears a Patek Phillipe watch which usually ranges from 5,000 dollars to 11 million. 

     Let us know in the comments below who you think is a trend setter and why we should write about them next time under the topic underground fashion.