Yes, You Definitely Do Need Victoria's Secret Matte Lipstick

Victoria’s Secret is arguably the most well-known lingerie brand in the world, known for launching the careers of some of the planet’s most recognizable supermodels. Beyond its roster of boudoir wear, however, the label has also become known for its luscious lip glosses and fragrances. Adding yet another beauty essential into every girl’s arsenal, VS now introduces a collection of matte lipsticks.

Dubbed as Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain, the range comes in five different shades: Desire, Adorned, Perfection, Obsessed and Drama. All of the lip options provide creamy full coverage, on top of being ultra pigmented, which provides a stain effect that lasts well after the lipstick has already worn off. The formula also includes both vitamin E and olive oil, which is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling moisturized. The new VS matte lipsticks retail for $14 USD each, and will be available in-store and online nationwide starting October 18.

You can see a swatch of the shades in the Instagram below — they are arranged from left to right: Obsessed, Adorned, Perfection, Drama and Desire.