Sweat out Your Real Estate Woes With This Collapsible Sauna Room

For sauna lovers worldwide, sauna rooms are no longer the sole abode of exclusive spa clubs thanks to this latest innovation by German company KLAFS. The S1 retractable sauna room is designed to be installed in moderately sized homes, and features a bellows design that extends from the size of a wall closet with a depth of 60cm, to its full size of 1.6m within 21 seconds.

Available with the options of three sizes, five different exterior trims (including Swiss pine and walnut) and four different front panels, the S1 can blend into any interior, so much so that visitors might mistake it as a bookshelf or wardrobe. A folding bench and heater are also included within to create the optimum environment to ponder on how to move somewhere big enough for a full-sized sauna. For more information, click here.