BMW Celebrates 100th Anniversary With MINI 'Vision Next 100' Concept Car

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW recently unveiled a series of innovative concept cars dubbed "Vision Next 100 Cars" in London. The German luxury car company's MINI "Vision Next 100" is one concept car from the bunch that certainly draws attention. The modish vehicle sports a sleek silver skin that is capable of projecting any pattern or color. Similarly, its chameleon-like interior can alter between different hues. It also boasts unique artificial intelligence that can provide immediate counsel for destinations and share events that are presumably happening locally at the moment.

One very noticeable detail is the car’s windshield which stretches all the way down to is front bumper. One might wonder, "What's with all the glass?" Well, the windshield is literally a projector that can display visuals for the driver like directional arrows and reflect those images on any road that it's on. However, the most notable feature involves the driver being able to let go of the steering wheel and switch to autonomous driving.


In reality, the MINI's features are all speculative. Though the outlined specs expel a breath of futurism, one can also admire the car's old school details like its bench seat—allowing the driver or passenger to easily slide from either one of its front doors. For the lack of a better word, this MINI concept is cutting edge and very appropriate for the time period with a plethora of pending technological feats.

Head over to MINI's official U.S. website for more details and hopefully we'll get to see this car on the road soon.