Graffiti Meets Horology in the Kongo x Richard Mille Hand-Painted Tourbillon

Richard Mille has enlisted graffiti artist Cyril Kongo for a customized Tourbillon RM68-01. For the project, Kongo had to develop an all-new technology in order to apply his graffiti onto the watch. Named micro-painting, the process allowed the artist to apply intricately detailed flairs to the minuscule canvas.

In response to the art, Mille decided that the watch's movement should reflect the vibrancy of Kongo's colors, and so the bridges of the movement arcs in different directions to mimic the energy of graffiti while the baseplate also radiates outwards like splattered paint. The Kongo-customized RM68-01 is limited to 30 pieces and are all hand-painted. Learn more over at Richard Mille's website.