Let Master Sushi Chef Masa Takayama Teach You How to Craft a Summery Cocktail

Master sushi-chef Masa Takayama’s namesake restaurant opened back in 2004; rave reviews followed, as did news that the restaurant ranked among the most expensive places to eat in all of New York City. The omakasesushi-spot also tops many lists of the world’s most expensive restaurants. Takayama opened a more accessible (and affordable) à la carte menu at Bar Masa next door to the original restaurant, later expanding his empire to Las Vegas in 2009.

In addition to his sushi skills, Takayama is also a highly-specialized barman and the above video shows how Masa uses fresh ingredients to whip up a riff on his menu’s Jalapeño Ja cocktail ($26 USD), the chef’s personal favorite. This personal recipe substitutes vodka for jalapeño-infused tequila and the rind of the pepper. Check the video out above for the recipe.

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