YesJulz and the Empire That Social Media Built

If you thought the attention Julz Goddard has earned is by happenstance, you’re wrong. Better known as Yesjulz, she has at least half a million people tuned into her life at any given time as she’s built up her influence and eponymous digital marketing and branding agency brick by brick, follower by follower. Of course amassing nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter plus the triple-digit number of views she gets on Snapchat (the platform she’s utilized to leverage herself as a brand companies want to spend big bucks to align themselves with) comes with a few caveats. The internet is a forum for not just Julz and those who support her, as negativity thrives both online and off with people quick to judge her over her body and beauty versus her brains. She is admittedly the stuff of #WCW material; say what you will, but she’s got the business acumen to back her up — naysayers be damned.

Julz has a resume that reads like a grocery list — there’s a bit of everything on it: party planner and hostess, brand collaborator, agency owner who employs only women, actress, manager of 070′s Shake, influencer — but she sums it all up with one phrase, “Director of Vibes.” Her #NeverNotWorking mantra means the Miami native is constantly on the move racking up frequent flyer miles, and she was in Paris when she hopped on the phone with us to talk to us about her hustle, including her newest role as Skype’s Shoot the Future contest judge in support of young content creators, as well as her space in social media.