Who Is Chef Jay Williams? 'The Man In The Kitchen'

TMN 20/20 Spotlights Chef Jay Williams and "The Man in the Kitchen." The future of Culinary Entertainment is here! This is where Youth, Innovation, Culinary Talent, and Entrepreneurship meet.

I first my Chef Jay back in Brooklyn in the 80's and knew him by his nick name 'Harlem' where his family were from before moving to Brooklyn. We would hang out on the corner of Kings Highway in Flatbush and would slap box to see who was the fastest with the hands. The Pizza Parlor is where he and I would hang out and play arcade games as he often watched how the Italians made Pizza and Pasta from scratch.

Later in life we happened to bump back into each other in Atlanta and as faith would have it his mother lived in the same sub division where I bought my 1st home. It was there I began to notice his gift of creating food that had soulful flavor. He would often cook for his mother, sister and her children as a hobby, but would purchase natural ingredients and prepare everything from scratch. He was self taught, yet later studied at Royal Academy of Culinary Arts where he began to master is his craft.  He is now a Private Chef and travels the states hosting and catering private events.

Chef Jay Williams is making a name for himself as a young African American Entrepreneur, which in today's world is the image we need to see more often. Let's start by supporting our appetites with one of Chef Jay's gift to the world and continue to keep an eye out on "The Man In The Kitchen."