New Documentary Will Tell The Story Of Native Tongues: De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah and More

A new documentary is slated to reveal the untold story of Native Tongues, the eclectic group of artists that truly blossomed in the early 1990’s. The Native Tongues Posse consisted of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Black Sheep, Chi Ali and The Jungle Brothers.

A new documentary called “Speaking in Tongues: The Legend of the Native Tongue Posse” is forming, but has erected a KickStarter campaign to fund the remaining production process.

The film is a celebratory tale – told by the Posse’s original members – of what happens when a group of proverbial “new kids” choose individuality over conformity to become hip hop’s new “cool kids.”  It’s the first ever, complete look at a collective that not only made timeless art-filled masterpieces in the form of recorded music, but also championed individuality while spreading messages of Afrocentrism and self-awareness.

The film is led by Omar Akil (NBC, ESPN, BET and MTV),  famed movie/video producer Benny Boom, producer Norman Parrish and director of photography Ramulas Burgess. “Speaking in Tongues: The Legend of the Native Tongue Posse”needs $48,000 to complete the process of film making.

Akil explains:

“Quite honestly we’ve taken this project as far as we can on our own. We’ve invested our own resources for more than 8 years, and have captured more than 40 hours of exclusive footage during that time. However, most successful feature films are the result of a group effort – sometimes the size of a small community. In this instance, we’re expanding that community to one of global proportions because we believe people all across the world have been positively affected by the existence of the Native Tongue Posse and want to see a film that successfully tells their story in their own words.”

Supporting the film offers a number of perks, including merch, spa day with Monie Love, Golf with Dres from Black Sheep and even producer credits.

Click here to support “Speaking in Tongues: The Legend of the Native Tongue Posse.