Spotify Introduces "Find Them First"

In music, timing is everything. It’s not enough to know about new artists, you have to know them before they were cool. Spotify gets this, which is why they created “Found Them First,” a new feature that tells you know which artists you were listening to before they hit the mainstream. If you’ve ever thought your musical tastes were ahead of the curve, now you finally have proof. Just visit the “Found Them First” website, connect your Spotify account, and the tool will scan your listening history to reveal the total number of artists you were listening to before they hit it big (“hitting it big” in this case means accumulating more than 20 million streams and a 2000% growth rate). Only the top 1-15% of listeners are deemed “early listeners,” and the tool will actually tell exactly which percentile you fall under. So…do you think your tastes are at the forefront of the music industry? Or are you lagging behind? Click here to find out.