Eight Sushi Asian Kitchen

"If your searching for good Asian cuisine, Eight Sushi & Asian Kitchen located in Charlotte North Carolina is the premier location for your taste buds. This place reminded me of home (NJ/NY), literally in every way possible, the decor was awesome (a large mural painted on the wall, nice light fixtures and nice functional furniture).

The food was delicious,  The complimentary edamame hummus and shrimp chips were delicious and something new.”The Sushi was fresh and held up pretty good while eating with little to no fall out or breaking apart. We also shared the Yuki Udon which is the sliced beef short ribs with noodles and veggies.  The veggies were nice and crunchy and the meat was nice and tender although it was well done.

"Overall I give this place five stars because it embodied what I was looking for coming from New York where sushi restaurants of quality are abundant. I would definitely recommend this place and plan on returning." -Di "Davi Jay Love" L.

1000 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206


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