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Ongoing Strategic Counseling

A good marketing strategy typically involves using a variety of advertising channels, with a clear understanding of the purpose for each. At T-M-N we look at advertising channels like tools in a toolbox. We want to make sure that we evaluate all the available tools and choose the best tools for the job.

  • Video/Commercial Production

  • Print

  • Radio

  • Direct Marketing

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • Media Buying and Placement

  • Graphic Design

Internet Marketing is all about getting found on the web using a synergistic approach.

We specialize in all of the major categories needed for a successful internet marketing campaign that work together to get you found by people searching on the web. Then we use various approaches to turn those people into paying customers.

Some of the tools we use are:

  • Website Creation

  • Blogging

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media

  • Online Paid Ads

  • Landing Pages

  • Online Press Releases

  • Email Marketing

A great brand combines design and messaging to evoke emotion and drive strategy. It conveys the value of your company to employees inside and customers outside the organization. When a company thoughtfully balances these elements, the value of the brand is reinforced in everything else the company does, driving performance in sales, marketing, and retention.

Your brand is not just a name and a logo. It involves your colors, domain, tagline, messaging, graphics, patterns, typography, and competitor positioning that together establish what makes you distinct. Because of that, we offer design, messaging, & research services for all of the aforementioned elements to assure that your brand experience comprehensively captures your essence for key audiences.

In the process, we examine your current state and your future state to understand what will motivate your customers and employees.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing a business, individual or product on social networking sites.

That’s the academic definition of SMM. For marketers and businesses, a much better definition would be “social media marketing is the process of engaging with clients, customers and users through social media”.

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels online. Its rise mirrors the rise of social media as a communication, reputation management, networking and entertainment tool. As social networks have grown from niche communities to massively popular platforms, SMM has become crucial for the success of a business.

So what exactly is social media marketing? What is its reach? And most importantly, why should your business care about it?

We’ll answer all these questions below.

Social Media by the Numbers

To give you an idea of the tremendous reach of social media, here’s a list of the top social networks and their user base:

You Choose Which Services Are Right For You

A fun aspect of partnering with T-M-N as your small business marketing consultant is that you don’t have to do it all. As your marketing consultant we love to partner with you to help you choose the services that are right for your small business.

It’s like walking down the aisle choosing just the right ingredients for the perfect recipe –the recipe for your success!


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